Welcome to The Better Life Project

The Better Life Project is more than a business.  It’s MY DREAM AND the start of your better life.


I want to show you how to you achieve the levels of happiness, health, success and confidence you have always desired. 

I have worked with 1000's of women and men to advice them on how they can achieve their personal and professional goals! So whether it is a lack of confidence holding you back, a fear of failure or zero clarity I CAN help  you take your job to the next level or help you bust out of that rut! I can help you become your most confident self!

Working with a life coach and mentor like myself means you start to take ACTION towards your goals, vision and dreams. I offer life coaching and mentoring services. I work with clients in person in, Dublin, all over Ireland and over Skype around the world. 

Sarah Doyle Life Coach Dublin Ireland

Working with a coach means you start to take action towards your goals, vision and dreams.

The BLP was my dream and I still can’t quite believe that I am living it. You see, I haven’t always been a life coach. For over 3 ½ years I was a project manager in one of Ireland's top universities, 'living the life', earning good money but the unhappiest I had ever been. 


It's funny when you work so long for something only to realise it's not what you wanted at all. Or that you actually want something completely different!


I ended up chasing down a couple of promotions. I worked hard, I did everything I was SUPPOSED to do, and I got them.

…but I didn't know what I was getting myself into - the stress of the promotion, the isolation, loneliness and anxiety I experienced became overwhelming.

I needed a change and I needed it fast. I even applied for a PhD because I thought this would be a more "acceptable" way to leave my great job, rather than face the fear and uncertainty of a massive career change to become a life coach and set up The Better Life Project.

Sarah Doyle Life Coach Dublin Ireland

The BLP is my DREAM and I still can't believe that I am living it! 

There were a lot of reasons why I "couldn't" leave.

The uncertainty over my income – what if it didn't work out? Would I have to go back working in the book store and eating tins of cat food?

A fear of failure – what if I tried my hardest and wasn't successful? What the hell was I supposed to do with my life then? Was I always going to be relegated to just another cog in the machine?

But worst of all was the fear of judgement. From friends. From family. From co-workers. Who was I to pop my head above the parapet! Who was I to try and set up a business when I already had a well paying job!

The problem wasn't what I wanted to do, the problem was …..ME.

I felt lost, worthless and uncertain of where my life was headed. I always struggled with self acceptance and finding my unique purpose and here was no exception. I realised I had no more excuses and just like that, The Better Life Project was born.


Since setting up my stand out coaching business with my fiancee James, I have published a journal called Be Your Own Best Friend, I have presented at a TEDx conference and appeared on NewsTalk a bunch of times. I have shared a stage with Niall Breslin and Pat Divilly at Wellfest in 2015 and 2016. I have sold out almost a dozen events and created one of Irelands most unique and transformative workshops exclusively for women called The Empowered Women Workshop (you can read a review from The Irish Times on it). I have won business awards, appeared on national radio stations and newspapers including Spin 103.8fm, The Irish Times, The Herald, written and contributed to The42.ie, Exquisite.ie, A Lust For Life, Stellar, U and Irish Country Magazine.

Sarah Doyle Life Coach TEDx

Since setting up my stand out coaching business with my fiancee James, I have presented at a TEDx conference.

Which brings me to you. You are the reason my business exists, and you are the reason I do what I do!

Whether you are feeling stuck in a rut, paralysed by a lack of confidence and clarity or feeling trapped in low self esteem, I am here to help you. 

I am excited to help make your awesome and confident life happen, and to help you find happiness in body and mind. 

Sarah Doyle Life Coach Dublin Ireland

I am so proud of my stand out coaching business - I am not perfect, I make spelling mistakes, I'm weird and quirky but mostly I am passionate about YOU. 


Thank you for taking the time to visit my site and I hope that we will meet each other soon. 

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