My Top 5 Motivation Hacks

The most common question I get asked as a life coach is “how can I stay on track?”. Having an idea, being inspired to start a side project or nurture yourself esteem or confidence can sometimes feel like the easy part looking back. Keeping the magic alive in the days and weeks later - when the going gets tough and motivation dips - is the challenge.

Make-Up and It's Affect On Self Esteem

For some people going make up free isn’t an option, for others it’s no big deal. In 2015, when I first began to challenge myself to not wear make-up it was extremely difficult. My appearance related anxiety began when I was very young. At about 12 years of age I started wearing make-up and at 15 I developed a mild eating disorder. My appearance has always affected my self esteem, and not in a good way!

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