Starting a business, making your existing business work or trying to get ahead in your job is hard. If you are not feeling confident, your business won't grow and you won't progress in your job!


You want to realise your dream and be the best version of your that exists. You want to feel fulfilled and create the life you deeply desire. But the only thing getting in your way is... your mindset! I've created a structured frame work to help get ahead in your business, and life! This is the perfect programme for busy professionals and business owners!

If you are serious about getting a head in a head in your career you owe it yourself to join this programme today!

I worked with Sarah in April 2015, a time when I found myself at a cross roads with decisions to make but struggling to figure out the right path. Sarah was incredibly helpful, professional and knowledgeable. She is really passionate about helping people realise their potential. Things started falling in to place shortly after I finished working with Sarah. Almost 1 year on, I haven’t looked back. Highly recommended for anyone out there looking for a better life!
— Richie, 30

Whats the missing ingredient in your job or business? 

Over the last 18 months I have worked with 100s of business owners, professionals and idea makers and the thing is, nearly every single one of them I have spoken to suffers from lack of confidence, negative thinking, stress and overwhelm at some point, even people who have been in business for years and it's astonishing how it shows up. 

If you want to get a head in your job and business, if you want to start to share your gift with the world, make money and help people you must master your mindset.


When you have a negative mindset and are low in confidence

- You will not price your products or services properly. 

You'll not be assertive when it comes to dealing with people in your business. 

You'll let people walk all over you

You'll not put boundaries in place and wind up listening to too many opinions 

You won't bounce back after a set back and as a result waster precious time because you are overthinking

You'll procrastinate and suffer from 'paralysis by analysis' 

You'll answer messages and texts at stupid o'clock. 

You'll listen to all the haters, naysers and internet trolls and become filled with set doubt

You will lack clarity on the direction you want to go and waste precious time by getting caught up in time wasting activities

You'll stress and worry about small things

You'll miss opportunities because you don't feel you're good enough or brave enough to say yes.  

You'll spend all your time working on your business or in your job and lose touch with the things and people that mean most to you. You'll lose balance. 

You won't spend any time trying to understand whats important to you, what you believe in and what you want to to with your life. You will lose heart, authenticity and passion.

Your business won't grow because you're not giving it a chance.

You'll fall out of love with your business if you're not careful, and that would be a real shame.



What Positive Mindset Coaching Includes 

Positive Mindset Training with The BLP is a 12 week programme designed to support you get a head in your business and job! 

If you want to start to share your gift with the world, make money and help people you must master your mindset join me on this incredible 12-week journey as we get clear about mindset you need to create success in your life NOW. 



- Three x 90 minute private coaching sessions (one private session every 4 weeks)

- Weekly topics to empower to help you get clear on the mindset you need to get a head in your job and business

- Weekly activities designed to support you take action towards your vision and goals

- Daily access to me to ask all of your questions and receive all of the support and guidance you need to experience a transformative mindset shift.

- Access to Facebook Group jam packed with resources, tutorials, confidence hacks, personal development tools, motivation and so much more.


If You Would Like To ...

- Have a structured 12 week frame work to help you get ahead in your business and job

- Share your gifts and passion with the world

- Make the money you feel your deserve

- No longer be help back by fear, doubt or insecurity so you can be the best version of you that exists 

- Experience a complete mindset transformation – from how you think about yourself and your future

- Stop letting a lack of self belief hold your back from achieving your goals

 - Learn strategies to develop your  self-confidence, resilience and a new, better appreciation for your potential

- Shift your energy away for the the negative associations you have created about your abilities and potential


Sarah has worked with 1000s of men and women to help them live happier, healthier, confident and successful lives. 

Thanks so much Sarah, I think it’s pretty amazing what one session with you has done for me! You’ve managed to get the world’s biggest perfectionist/procrastinator to actually start blasting through stuff!
— Danny Lennon, Sigma Nutrition

About Sarah Doyle.

For 3 1/2 years Sarah was a project manager in one of Irelands leading Universities. She thought she had it all until one day she realised that one of the things she treasured most in life - her sparkle - was gone. She worked incredibly hard to get to that point in her professional and personal life and realising that where she was, wasn't what she wanted anymore was one the hardest decisions she has ever made. 

Now, she is the Owner and co-founder of one of Irelands fastest growing life coaching projects. Sarah is passionate about inspiring you to become curious about your potential. She will guide you and inspire you to reignite your passions and follow your frikin dreams, just like she did! 

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