Are you ready to feel confident & motivated to reach your goals & increase the quality of your life?

Have you you ever just known what to do, but lacked follow through? Are you sick and tired of overthinking, procrastinating, self sabotaging and making comparisons to other people? 

New Years is symbolic time for a fresh start and is one of my favourite times to set new goals and resolutions... but I would be lying if I said it was always easy, because it's not!

I know for many of you 2016 was a hard year and 2017 represents the start of a new chapter. You might even be wondering where the time has gone, you haven't achieved nearly enough of what you set out to. All those things you were resolved to making happen in 2016 have never been realised because a long time ago you realised you don't have much confidence in yourself or your abilities. 

I want to show you the secrets of the people who seem to have unlimited resources and time to do the things they REALLY love. I want so share with you what I have learned in my in 6+ years of coaching, speaking, writing and researching so you can achieve your goals and increase the quality of your life.

I created a really special event for this exact reason - I can help you understand what it will take to finally make a New Years Resolution come to life!


New Year New You is a 1 day confidence, motivation and positive mind set event designed to help you unlock your potential. I will help you lay out a clear plan to achieve your goals, improve the quality of your life and feel more confident & motivated then even before.  




early bird offer extended for limited time only 


“ I wanted you to know how important your seminars have been to me this year! Keep up the great work because you’re touching so many lives in an amazing way.”
— Chloe
I said to someone who asked how it went that it was great and Sarah could energise a stone! Energising, pacey workshop to be recommended.
— Marian
Just to thank you again for a wonderful workshop last night. I was the lady you made present! I’ve been to a few over the years and none of them beat your enthusiasm and passion. I’m delighted you took the plunge as you’re truly gifted and want to share and inspire.
— Mary T
I learned so much at the workshop and have been to a few things like that before but there was a level of authenticity on Wednesday that I hadn’t experienced before. I thought there was such a good balance between telling your own story and anecdotes and content and tools for us.
— Claire
Loved it, totally energised after it ... there’s so much put into 3 hours, it feels like 30 minutes...magic
— M.T
It came through again and again that you were in this business because you care and it wasn’t for any kind of glory and I just think it was run so well and was really engaging.
— Claire


  • You are sick and tired of the fear of failure, judgement, embarrassment or rejection holding you back.
  • You want to create a happier, healthier, positive and more confident version of you and understand how you can finally be in control of your emotions, instead of your emotions controlling you
  • You want to get ahead in your job, reinvigorate your relationships or feel more sure of yourself but a lack of confidence is holding you back this event is for you. 
  • You are 'over' 2016 and you are ready to make 2017 your best year ever
  • You are determined to make your New Years Resolution a reality. 


  • Breakthrough fear, doubt and negativity preventing you from meeting reaching your potential and achieving all you want
  • Learn how to create goals with soul to help you super charge your 2017.
  • Learn the number 1 mistake people make when setting New Years Resolutions and how you CAN better
  • Learn how to create habits that last 
  • Learn practical strategies to help you develop unstoppable self confidence and belief in yourself
  • Feel awesome and have fun!
  • Health, fitness and wellness tips to help you increase the quality of you life, manage your stress and balance your energy.
  • Emotional and spiritual first aid

I have designed this unique event to show you how you can live a confident, assured and authentic life. Join me, and learn step by step how you can develop unstoppable self confidence using scientifically supported strategies, 5+ years of experience of coaching 1000's of women and lessons from my own journey.



  • 7+ hours of training from someone who has spent 5+ years coaching 1000's of people to live confident, happy and meaningful lives.
  • An interactive workbook that will help you stay motivated, confidence and in control.

  • Personal stories from my own life and experience

  • A personalised self confidence plan to help you take 'that' step

  • A personal goal setting programme to help you achieve all your goals 

  • Uplifting and empowering support from a room full of people

  • Tips and strategies to help you feel unlock your potential and breakthrough fear, doubt and insecurities

  • Health, fitness and wellness tips to help you increase the quality of your life and feel reenergised

Event Details



Date:  14th January 2017

Time: 10 - 5pm


TICKETS: €47, early bird only


Working with Sarah has brought me more happiness, health and success I ever imagined. My relationship with my kids, marriage, business, training, health, love for food, relationship with my family but most importantly, my relationship with MYSELF has been transformed beyond my wildest dreams.

I’m happy in my own skin. I embrace every single day. I take the shit days with a pinch of salt and know that they are part of the journey. I genuinely have to stop and think when someone asks what month is it because I’ve created a life that I don’t actually need to take a holiday from and I’m not thinking, “oh I can’t wait for Christmas or the weekend or my summer holiday”. Working with Sarah is without a doubt the most important investment I’ve ever made and I strongly believe that every single individual can benefit from having Sarah as his or her life coach. At the very least, I believe everybody should have a little bit of Sarah in their life each today so if you haven’t already,
— Leanne Keanne

About Sarah Doyle

For 3 1/2 years I was a project manager in one of Irelands leading Universities. With a degree in politics and philosophy and a Masters in Human Rights almost every ounce of professional experience I accumulated was in international development, human rights and the non for profit sector. 

I thought I had my career figured out! But one day I realised that one of the things I treasured most in life - my sparkle - was gone. I worked incredibly hard to get to that point in my professional and personal life and realising that where I was, wasn't what I wanted anymore was one the hardest decisions I has ever made. Changing careers was the scariest yet most rewarding decision of my life. 

Now, I am the Owner and co-founder of one of Irelands fastest growing life coaching projects and creator of I am super passionate about inspiring you to become curious about your potential. I will guide you and inspire you to reignite your passions and follow your frikin dreams, just like I did! 

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