Are You Fed Up With Not Liking What You See In the Mirror?


There are lots of women that are scared of picking up a weight in the gym. Joining a gym is intimidating. That first time stepping through the doors of a gym can be scary as hell. You don't know what you're doing, you don't know anyone there, you don't know how the machines work and you're afraid you'll make a fool of yourself in front of everyone when trying to do even the most basic of exercises wrong. 

Not only do you not know what you're doing, but you also have all these lingering doubts about whether you look the part. Surely everyone in the gym looks great and is super fit.

It's a viscous circle. You go to the gym because you feel self conscious about your body but when you get to the gym and you start to feel even worse about yourself. 


IF THIS SOUNDS LIKE YOU THEN The Better Life Project LADIES LIFTING AND body confidence workshop will transform how you feel about your body.

Thank you so much for an amazing event you put on Saturday morning! The 3 hours flew in, you just had so many points which resonated with me. I could have listened to you all day but there was so much great info which I’m digesting and implementing into my life. The fact that you accomplished one of your fears during the seminar and ditched the heels and make up was inspiring.
— Chloe

What will you learn at this event? 

*How to love your body (and yes, that is possible) 

 * Practical strategies to help you develop unstoppable self confidence and self-belief 

* How to correctly perform, test and train your squat, bench and deadlift 

* How to perform body weight movements correctly 

*Tools and techniques to help you develop a positive mental attitude

* Feel awesome and have fun!

*How to let go of the negative associations with food and exercise that is holding you back from living your life to the fullest.

* How to feel differently about your body, abandon the idea that you will be happy 10 pounds from now and make peace with your reflection. 



" I wanted you to know how important your seminars have been to me this year! Keep up the great work because you're touching so many lives in an amazing way."


Meet Sarah

Sarah is Co-Founder, owner, ninja life coach, personal trainer and motivational speaker with The Better Life Project

For years I let how I feel about my body prevent me from living my life to the fullest! I wanted to embrace the skin that I was in but when body hate, food restriction and punishment exercise was your go to coping mechanism you can't just click your fingers and make all the negative thoughts go away. I used exercise and food as a tool to manage my weight - I only saw my body as something to be made look pretty, skinny or lean. There hasn't been more than 2 weeks in the last 5 years I've missed a session in the gym, but there were too many sessions I trained because I hated my body and not because I loved it. 

For almost 10 years I kept my legs hidden from the world because they didn't look like a models. They were big and chunky, there was and never has been a gap between my thighs and I have cellulite. I still think about my legs and what people will think of them before I put on shorts. I still look at some photos of myself and hate how my body looks and question whether I should hide it, filter it, un-tag or remove it. 

The old Sarah would have hidden her body on a bad day. Beaten herself up for missing a session in the gym or not eating 'perfectly'. I would have used my body and face as a vehicle to show the world only what I wanted them to see, but it would have all been sham, a massive cover up so I wouldn't have to deal with the painful truth that I didn't like who I was.

The first time I strength trained was like an awakening. My legs - my fat tree stump legs - were strong! I could squat and dead lift heavy weight and for the first time in my life I saw beyond the weight and felt connected with my inner strength. I can give my 10 year old cousin a piggy back for over 500metres, I can take heavy items off the top shelves in Ikea by myself, I can lug suit cases and carry as many shopping bags in one hand that some take in two. 

My body is so much more then a piece of clay to be moulded. My body is a vehicle to help me connect with my strength, agility, speed an, movement. 

I can relate first hand to the negativity, shame, intense desire and even the obsession that you feel to change how you look. But I am here to tell you - show you - that it can be different. I am so excited about this 5 hour workshop because I know James and I will help you! You CAN feel empowered by your BODY and you CAN make you body your friend. It's not always easy but it is always worth it! James and I want to help you. 


Meet James 

James is Co-Founder of The Better Life Project and owner of Revolution Fitness.


James spent 3.5 years of his life slowly dying behind a desk as an accountant before he realised living under a barbell was what he really wanted to do.

During college he competed at (and won) national and world championships in the sport of powerlifting. He was supremely dedicated to his training, but even with all the knowledge and diligence he was horrified to see how easy it was for things to slip once he got a job in "the real world".

He found his way up to 110kg before finally deciding to do something about it. It was out of that system the programming for Revolution Fitness was developed, and James shone the bat fat signal to assemble a team of expert coaches who shared his vision that "normal" people could benefit from strength training, healthy eating and enjoy a good relationship with their body, food and have awesome craic while doing it.

Why should I come to this event?

* If you've ever questioned your squat, bench press or deadlifting technique answer is yes.

* If you're training your squat / bench / deadlift at the moment and not seeing the progress you'd like

* If you don't even know where to start with those lifts but would like to

* But it's not just about building a strong body. It's about building a strong mind too. 

* It's about learning how to deal with set backs in your personal life, how to take negatives and turn them into positives, how to crate a mindset so strong and resilient that it's more secure than the worlds strongest safe - only the things you WANT to effect you will.

What Should You Do Now?  

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Buy your ticket using the link below and spend the day with me learning how to increase your self confidence and learn formidable skills to help you connect with your power, to see your body differently, to feel and be strong. 

Make sure you get your ticket right away because if you leave this page without signing up now, there’s an 80+% chance you’ll never come back. We can only take 20 women 

If you are anything like me, you probably spend a small fortune on make up, clothes, night outs, diet plans and gym memberships to feel more confident. Why not just float the price of a ticket for my this 5 hour personal training session for you body and mind. 


Date: 8TH MAy 2016

Time: 10am - 4pm

Venue: revolution fitness

Early Bird offer ends 23 APRIL 

tickets €75

Spaces limited to 20. no exceptions. 


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