Do you want to feel 
happier, healthier and more positive?

Because your gym wants to help you!


Your awesome gym wants to help make you the healthiest, happiest and most positive version of you that exists!

Heres how they want to help make that happen...


My names is Sarah and I'm a life and  wellness coach (like a personal trainer for your brain) and I am the  owner and founder  of The Better Life Project. I'll be running a workshop for you guys where I can help you rejuvenate your training, reinvigorate your mindset and achieve balance.

As someone who advocates healthy, balanced and mindful living I know you'll walk away with more clarity than ever before on exactly what your REAL goals are (...the answer to this one will surprise you) and an exact roadmap for what you need to get there. Not only this, but I can teach you how to increase your confidence and boost your self esteem too.  


What do you need to do? 

It's simple!

You decide what talk you want me give, and then my people will talk to your people and we will make it happen.  


talk 1
Goal setting 


When you first started training in the gym you walked in the door all pumped and excited about how you were going to change your life and your body.

You were probably excited about a bodyweight bench press, nailling pull ups and other advanced strength skills or maybe you had a ideal dress size in mind.  But none of these things have happened yet! 

How many times have you become disillusioned by unrealistic goals and disheartened by failure? How many times have you put a plan in place only to give up at the first sign of a challenge or setback? 

I can help! 


  • How to create clear, realistic and exciting goals
  • Four practical strategies to help you overcome failure 
  • Completely rejuvenate your mindset and learn the secret of success. 
  • Reboot your motivation 

Talk 2 
body ACCEPTANCE & self-love


Happiness, health and positivity is a long-term commitment and with the right knowledge and habits you can become happier. 

How we feel about ourselves plays a very significant role in how happy we are – how we interact with our environment and the people in it! 

Our perception of our body is all too linked to our self-worth and our attitude to diets and exercise will play a major part in developing self-esteem and confidence. Makes sense, right?

But healthy living is not just made up of daily do’s and don’ts! It incorporates what we think about ourselves and how comfortable we are in our skin as well. 


  • How to view life (and you body) with more positivity 
  • Five practical strategies to help you accept your body - become more confident, comfortable and happy in your own skin
  • Tools to help you create balance in your life with food and exercise 
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About Sarah, the founder of Better Life Project 

Sports, exercise and movement has always played a massive role in my life - whether as a member of a team, exercising for happiness, overall health and fitness or training for a competition - I am at my best both personally and professionally when I am active. 

I spent 2 1/2 years CrossFitting and I enjoyed every second of it (except for the burpees...I looked like some sort of swan doing a belly flop)! I am now a powerlifter having a love affair with all things squats and deadlifts. Some of the most profound lessons I have learned throughout my journey have taken place in a gym.

I spent far too long obsessing over my body image, exercise and food and I am finally in a place in my life where I can say "my legs are wonderful just the way they are" and I would not swap that feeling for anything in the world.

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