Sarah is Irelands fastest growing motivational and mind set speaker.

One of the hardest parts of managing a growing gym is helping your members to grow and evolve as well. As they progress towards their goals and see success because of your awesome training programme, their goal posts move too.

How many times have you seen your clients become disillusioned and frustrated because of unrealistic goals? You know, guys expecting to bench press 100kg+ in just 6 weeks, or girls expecting to nail pull ups and other advanced strength skills within a couple of months training?

As a fitness professional you know that's unrealistic, but what you've missed is that your clients don't - it's your job to educate them and guide them along their fitness journey. Otherwise, they'll end up disheartened and frustrated by their lack of progress and perceived failure. 

As well as this, your clients may develop low self esteem, low body confidence and an unhealthy relationship with food and exercise! Even though they've made more progress with you in just a few months than they did in years on their own, it's not enough anymore! 

So how do you manage these constantly moving goal posts?

Your clients are good people doing their best, but what if you could give them the extra push and guidance they really need to reach their goals.





I offer a series of talks and workshops on topics incluing goal setting and body acceptance and self-love that will help your members rejuvenate their training, reinvigorate their mindset and achieve balance.

As someone who advocates healthy, balanced and mindful living I know I will help your members who are struggling trying to achieve their goals.  

All you need to do is put me in front of your members and let me work my magic.

An article on happiness, which Sarah posted on social media really struck a cord with me personally, and as a coach of multiple individuals. Sarah’s workshop really helped to evolve the mindset of a huge number of our clients. Everyone walked away from the talk with a new found sense of what it means to be happy & to set goals other than just the aesthetic. This positive approach quickly spread to many others in the gym, who could not attend the talk.

Everyday, a new person comes through our doors and immediately talks about aesthetic goals. Bodyfat, tone, weight loss. We have evolved our approach now & Sarah’s message really ties into how we help clients. In particular, some of our newer members who were very focused on body image, now have a new mindset. They have gone from being ‘on the fence’ to lifetime members in my opinion. Thanks Sarah”

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Sarah speaks on a vast range of topics. You can choose from one of her popular talks below or ask her to craft a presentation specific to your audience.

To enquire about Sarah speaking at your next event or to request a speakers profile, please contact

Sarah blew our minds. We highly recommend her for anything, whether it’s a gym you own, or a business or a school. Approximately 30 local people attended the seminar and the energy from Sarah bounced off every single person, you could almost feel the positive vibes that were entering into each of our minds!! She taught us some simple vital steps towards goal setting and life affirmations, as simple as they are, she portrayed them in such a strong confident way it made us really really want to put them in place for ourselves, we always need reminding of our self worth”
— Barney & Andy, Fitness Base

talk 1


  • How to create clear, realistic and exciting goals
  • Four practical strategies to help you overcome failure 
  • Completely rejuvenate your mindset and learn the secret of success. 
  • Reboot your motivation 
  • Set a plan to achieve your goals

Talk 2 


  • How to view life (and you body) with more positivity 
  • Five practical strategies to help you accept your body - become more confident, comfortable and happy in your own skin
  • Tools to help you create balance in your life with food and exercise 
As a gym owner I am always looking for ways to bring the best value and results to my clients. Sarah certainly left those that attended her talk both highly motivated and driven to achieve their own individual goals that they now have more clarity on. The information is out there and I had read up on most of what Sarah covered.....the difference is she brings the information light and meaning and relates it very well to the audience and their particular goals. Sarah’s presentation style is very enjoyable and entertaining....and even though some of the content can be sensitive to people...she makes it light hearted, while making the audience comfortable. Very worthwhile”

Information and Prices

(Please note there is a teeny tiny petrol charge for traveling outside of Dublin)




Minumum 15 people

60 minute talk



90 minute workshop

5 - 15 people


So what is €247? 

I know from working with other gyms that the average monthly value of a client is at least €100+, and the lifetime value of a client ranges from €300-600+. 

If you keep just one single member for an extra couple of months because of this workshop, you'll have made all your money back AND generated a massive amount of goodwill and positive vibes towards you and your gym.

But most of all your members will benefit from a dose of knowledge and motivation!

For me, this is ALL about your MEMBERS!

Sarah is great at helping us show our clients a path to their goals. Often people can get overwhelmed and struggle to make sense of the steps they need to take to achieve their gym goals. The feedback we got from clients was amazing and a lot of them came away with a new sense of drive and determination. We are really looking forward to having Sarah back and have booked the spot already. I know she is going to be hard to get in a few months.
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