Here's a list of upcoming workshops and events 


TEDx Ha'Penny Bridge

I will be speaking at TEDx Ha'Penny Bridge on the 17th June in Dublin. 

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empowered women workshops

An exclusive and one of a kind workshop for women who are sick and tired of thinking "I'll do that 10 lbs from now, when I find Mr. Right, when it's perfect, after I get a promotion, when I finish my course, if I couldn't fail, miss or make a fool of myself ".

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Women in business workshop|24TH JUNE 2017

Empowering female entrepreneurs to become financially confident, grow their business and become aware of their personal worth and value. Wendy and Sarah have helped 1000's of women become confident in their business and in themselves. Together they make up the dream team for any woman who is looking to start or grow her business.

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The collective EUROPE |5-9 OCTOBER, 2017

An annual four day, tech-free retreat-style conference like no other in Europe. Designed to engage and empower creatives, entrepreneurs, and innovators in an environment of collaboration, where knowledge is shared and inspiration is abundant. With the aim to help you find your path and navigate your professional journey through unique seminars from experts in their field, hands-on creative workshops from artists and makers, and with innovative tools to bring you on top of your professional game. 

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