Stop Fixing Yourself, I Have A Better Idea

Do you feel the need to fix yourself?

Are you working your arse off to fit into a mould and an ideal created by someone else?


We spend so much of our time, effort and money trying to change who we are because we think if we don’t fit into someone else’s mould then we are broken!

But here's the truth... we are all completely flawed, bonkers, strange, weak, strong, wonderful and mad.

We are beautifully imperfect and for some reason we are made to feel like these imperfections need to be fixed. For some of us it can be quite the obsession to fix what we think is fatally wrong. 

We waste endless amount of energy, time, money and resources trying change who we are.

This is not the key to a happy, healthy or positive life. 

(It actually blows).

The problem is not your body, mind or spirit.  The problem is how you think about your body, mind or spirit. Life is too short and to live your life confined by insecurities and feelings of unworthiness is a waste.

It's a never ending hamster wheel of trying to do something that's impossible. 

I have a better idea.

All the energy that you waste trying to fix yourself would be better much better spent trying to accept yourself first.

Flaws and all.

People think that self-acceptance is about embracing only your strengths and working on (fixing) your weaknesses, but this isn’t the case.

Self-acceptance means embracing and accepting your strengths and weakness. It means accepting your self in spite of your deficiencies. 

Flaws, weaknesses, mistakes and failures are a part of life and we should never feel ashamed, embarrassed or weak because them. By embracing the good and the bad it means you are one step closer to accepting yourself. And self acceptance is the first step on your journey to loving who you are. 

Self love mean that you care about your happiness and wellbeing. It means that you can treat yourself with love, kindness, compassion and respect. Loving who and what you are does not make you 'full of yourself' or vein. 

Your journey towards self-acceptance will start with your self-image, or how you see yourself.  There will never be anyone else with your combination of strengths, weaknesses, flaws and beauty. Do not think that you need to fix yourself because - I promise you - perfect does not exist. You are wasting your time!

You are already beautiful.  Once you shed yourself of your need to fix something that is not broken will open yourself up to so much of your own beauty!

How you see yourself will influence how you feel about yourself or yourself self-esteem. Don’t confuse confidence with self-esteem. Self-confidence refers to how you feel about your abilities but your self-esteem looks at how you feel about yourself and your value or worth as a human.

How you feel about yourself will effect how you talk to yourself. It can begin and end with the internal chatter controls our behaviours and actions. We listen to these voices as if they were gospel and we never challenge any of the negative assumptions we create about ourselves.

Our self-talk will reinforce how we feel about ourselves, and it can either be good or bad. You decide! Treat yourself with love and kindness and instead of beating yourself up when you are down be compassionate and nurturing instead. 

The journey of self acceptance is an empowering and exciting process.

It’s a much better idea then trying to fix something that isn’t actually broken.

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