How a Life Coach Can Help You

How can you create lasting change in your life? 


Close your eyes and think of what you want most in the world! Is it to be successful, happy, healthy or confident? Do you want a promotion in work or to find your one true love? Do you want to leave your job and finally set up your dream business? 

Have you fallen out of love with your life - do you wake up every morning wondering when the rat race is going to give you a god dame break? Everything is the same as it was the day before and you are no closer to living the sort of life you imagined when you were younger.

Imagine how successful you would become if you only knew of a way that you could honour your commitments, stay accountable and take massive action! 

My all time favourite coach, Anthony Robbins, says "the path to success is to take massive and determined action". And as a life coach I am a person who counsels and encourages you on matters having to do with careers, relationships, confidence, happiness or personal challenges. I help you create a plan of action. 

As human beings we need to progress in life. We need to constantly move forward in order to live happy, healthy and positive lives. Yet, every day we hold ourselves back because we are afraid, insecure, uncertain, entitled and doubtful. 


We tell ourselves this story! A bull shit story that offers us comfort and predictability.


A bull shit story that has convinced us that we are fine just the way we are and that we couldn't possibly want anything more then what we have. That would make us greedy, spoiled, ungrateful. 

But, if lying on your deathbed you utter the words "life was just fine" and feel OK with that ... well, you need to keep reading!


Every day is an opportunity for you to dream bigger and do better than you did yesterday.


This is an opportunity - we get to do this - but so many of us are stuck in a victim mentality and refuse to end the negative cycle. A negative cycle that you, and only, are responsible for!

You decide what you really want! Not what someone else thinks you you should have but what you want, your authentic, beautiful and real self. What you crave, desire and need to feel fulfilled and satisfied. You decide the direction of your progress - but progress is crucial. 


You need a life coach the same way you need a hair dresser, doctor, dentist or therapist. I am like a personal trainer for your brain helping you work on your mental fitness.


Life coaching is a future-focused practice with the aim of helping you determine and achieve your personal goals. By examining what is going on in your life right now we can discover what your obstacles or challenges might be, and choose a course of action to make your goals, ambitions and dreams a reality.

Step by step you will walk closer to your goals with a life coach who will support you, motivate you and most importantly hold you accountable to the commitment that you have made to yourself.  

So, how can you create a lasting change in your life? What needs to happen in order for you to feel full on life? - to feel happy, confident, healthy, empowered and strong!

To become successful in your personal and professional it it enough that you just know what you want? Hell no! Knowledge is not power, taking determined action is! It is OK to want more because wanting is progress, moving, action! You deserve more because you are worthy of so much! You deserve to be happy!

I can relate, first-hand, to the insecurity and self-doubt that comes when you step outside of your comfort zone… the negative self-talk becomes so loud.

But I want you to remember this 'you are strong, you are powerful, you are f*cking fabulous'.

There is nothing wrong with fear, doubt or insecurity but always remember your happiness is worth more then your fear!

You are worth it.

You can find meaning and purpose in your life because you are here for a reason.


I believe in you. I believe in your strength, power and beauty. 


You can dream big and set goals. Don't ever be afraid to fail because failure is just feedback. Don't ever be afraid of judgement or rejection because at the end of the day the only opinion of you that matters is your own. And especially don't ever think you are not worthy the investment, time or resources.

When you are old, wrinkly and taking your last breaths what do you want to say that you did? Lived a life that was fine, or extraordinary

The first thing you have to do is end the bull shit! What ever the story that you have been telling yourself up until now is, it's time to cut it. It's time to end the limiting beliefs preventing you from taking action. The problem is not the problem, the problem is how you think about the problem. 


What do you want to say?  What will your legacy be? 


You are the artist, designer, architect, producer and director. It is you. This life is yours!

Your personal vision is a mental picture of how you want your life to be and you get to be in complete control of that. Create a vision that inspires you and is so compelling it draws you into it.

If life is a pyramid at the base of that pyramid is your happiness, health and positivity. No matter what level of the pyramid you are operating from a crack can penetrate the highest of peaks.

Demand a higher standard of yourself and your life and progress, move, take steps towards your vision every day. But always work on your happiness! Because of there is one thing I know for certain its that when you work for happiness, happiness works for you!

Your success will be built on the habits and rituals you create and live every day so create habits and rituals that will support you.


My greatest fear in life is regret and my second greatest fear in life is that I will never have reached my potential.


There is sparkly matter in me and the thought of not sharing that with the world scares me. 

Come to one of my workshops, book an appointment with me but what ever you do don’t live your life in fear or regret.

With your life coach you will become confident, empowered... you will learn the tools and strategies that you need so that you can live a life that you don’t need a holiday form.

As one of my all time favourite coaches Anthony Robins, said

“Enjoy making decisions. You must know that in any moment a decision you make can change the course of your life forever”.


Unfortunately most people just don’t know how to ask the right question so you need someone who does. A life coach - with hundreds and thousands of hours doing just that - is a MUCH better option than a random friend or partner who’s more concerned with not offending you, than they are asking the right questions.

Like Aisling, you need to find your own answers and I’m here to help.

A decision isn’t TRULY made until you take a step towards turning that decision into a part of your reality. You need to pursue real life experiences. You need to take action. 

And in this case, that action is to send me a message and tell me what’s up and I’ll see if I can help. I won’t lie to you – not every problem is solvable by a life coach, but I bet there’s a lot more that I can do for you than you realise.

Do what Aisling said – take Action. Send that message now.

A single hour long coaching session might not seem like long, barely even enough to crack the surface. But when you deal in the scientific principles of happiness and life coaching, you can get to the root of the problem, and create a very effective set of first steps very, very quickly.

Hell… let me surprise you with that.

For less than the cost of a Saturday night on the lash, you could have your world turned upside down just like Aisling did.

---- truth bomb: most people go out on the weekend to try and forget about the problems you’re about to step up and tackle. Imagine going out just because you wanted to have a great time with your friends. Not just because you were trying to escape something ----

That’s what coaching with The Better Life Project can bring you so send that message now.

Don’t even think about it, because if you do, your brain will come up with one million and one reasons why you shouldn’t. Listening to that part of your brain hasn’t worked until now.

Talk to me instead, and let me help you work it out. We can't be an expert in everything and sometimes we just need an extra pair of eyes to see something we are missing, or an extra set of hands to pick us up if we are struggling. 

If you are becoming frustrated by your lack of progress or need to reboot your motivation than I can help. As a life coach its my job to hold YOU accountable to the commitments you make to yourself. 

Get in touch with me today and find out how just 90 minutes with me can help transform your goal!


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