Confessions of a High Achiever

Four Lessons For a High Achiever, From a High Achiever


For high achievers and serious goal setters there is no fear of taking ownership over their goals.

There is minimal fear of failure or judgement. The risk of rejection pails in comparison to the possibility of success. 

Adversity is fuel and obsession is second nature.

For high achievers the risks are many, but you have to be pretty "deep in it" before you encouter them. Risks for high achievers involve beings being split in two, losing balance, knowing what to sacrifice, when and how much and lastly no longer having fun.  

Yes, you have what it takes but do you know how to use what you have to your advantage? 

You know how to fight but it’s switching off that is the hard part - setting boundaries and allowing yourself to regress without feeling like your hard work will unravel and that a part of you will unravel with it!

The hardest lesson I have learned about success is that sometimes you just have to take a break to refuel, recharge and rejuvenate.


My passion split me in two.


Setting up a business is completely demanding and for the last few months I wanted - I needed - everything else in my life to feel easy by comparison! All my energy and time went into creating a business that would help people (and provide me with an income)! 

One thing that I know for certain is that right now the Better Life Project is my priority. It has to be!

For months and months I struggled with reconciling this priority with my passionate pursuit of a double body weight squat. Another full time goal in itself!

I began to dread heading to the gym, a place that was once my sanctuary, because sessions took hours and the recovery was hard in itself.

My dread manifested and I began to feel physically ill at the thought of training. I would become tired, stressed and cranky.

Sessions were wasted (and yes it is possible to waste a session, when you are chasing 150kg you can not afford as many bad sessions as I had).

After a serious chat with my wonderful James we completely changed my programme and I started to enjoy training again. But this was short lived! After several breakdowns (and breakthroughs) with the BLP I stopped training all together!

I stopped training because a long time ago I stopped enjoying the chase. The gym became a trigger instead of a sanctuary.  


I needed to take a break. I want to enjoy my love for fitness without the pressure of CONSTANTLY feeling like I have to achieve!


I just want to squat and have fun so I had to make some big changes. 

Here are a few new things I have learned about goals that I know will help my fellow high achievers. 

  • Never stop having fun - The reason why my goal was my goal is because I love to squat. It makes me feel like a strong, empowered and confident bad ass! But I stopped having fun! I thought that being a high achiever meant that I had to keep going at all costs - no matter what the price, but I was wrong! There is one price which I am not prepared to pay!

Do what ever it takes to ensure that your goal will always bring joy into your life. Even if this means taking a break in order to reconnect with what made you fall in love with it in the first place! 

  • Be prepared to make sacrifices that you don't like - Sometimes life just gets in the way and not every day will be shits and giggles. Make sure that when this does happen that you are prepared to sacrifice something big because something will have to give! This sacrifice will serve you in the long run.

I made a lot of sacrifices in the 12 months I was powerlifter but the price I learned I am not prepared to sacrifice is my long term health and joy!

  • Listen to your body - When your body and mind needs a break it will go to great lengths to show you that. If you don't listen to your body your anxiety will manifest to poor health, your physical recovery will be slower or you will in some small way lose you sparkle. Always listen to your body and respect it. 

Your intutuion will tell you when you need to keep going but ignoring your and mind when it is really tired and own only makes you a fool!  

  • Shed yourself of your ego - As high achievers it's really easy for our goals to make us feel special or significant and we feel like taking a break will make us appear weak and inferior. 

When we take ownership over our goals it means that it has become a part of our identity but you do not become a lesser version of yourself if you relinquish a part of this title. Deriving our entire worth and value through our goals and passion is not healthy!

The thing with being a high acheiver is that you think you always have to achieve, anything else is seen as failure! But, failure only happens after you quit! 

I will continue to learn and grow.

Goals are just big lessons in life, aren't they! 


The only difference between people who succeed and people who don't is that successful people will stand up every single time they fall.  


I am back standing again :-) 


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