Can Happiness Really Be a Choice?


I have often struggled with the notion that you can choose happiness!


I mean, for a lot of people being happy is not as easy as just saying "oh, im going to be happy today", which is what I infer from people who suggest that happiness is a choice.

Yeh, for certain very self aware people you can THINK your way to happy but for most of us we need to ACT on it!

For most of us happiness takes WORK!

Happiness is a feeling (usually a positive one ,obviously, like joy, gratitude, love, hope, pride) but its also feeling a sense of satisfaction about the direction your life is moving in.

Just like thinking about going to the gym won't make you feel any fitter sometimes thinking about happiness won't make you feel any happier.

I think we have to be really careful about making statements like "happiness is a choice" without providing any context.

Yes, you can make yourself happy. We can control up to 40% of our over happiness by engaging in happiness increasing activities like exercise, goal setting, practicing acts of kindess or gratitude. This is awesome but this is WORK!


Unless this choice is followed up with direct and purposeful ACTION it is nothing but misleading and elusive "advice".


I think the most relavent statement I have ever heard about happiness is "Happiness works for me, when I work for happiness".

We sabotage our own happiness because we sometimes get confused between what you think will make you happy and authentic happiness. 

There are a few tools and strategies I am excited about sharing with all the participants at my live event for ladies on the third October.

Make sure you to check it out if you would like to learn more about happiness and how you can manage your state of mind :-)

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