5 Ways to Honour Yourself

Some of us put so much focus on taking care of others that we neglect our own needs.  And some of us are so accustom to giving our love away to others that we forget to save some for ourselves.


“The way you treat yourself sets the standard for others.” ~Sonya Friedman


In my work with women I talk a lot about how we can honour ourself. This means that we look after and show ourselves as much love and kindness as we might show other people in our life.

If it ever feels like you are more present for other people, that you are more connected and in tune with the needs of people around you or that you want to please everyone then it is time you start to show some appreciation to yourself. 

You need to fill your own tank so that you can take care of the people around you.  

Here are some simple ways that you can honour yourself more:

1.     Redefine the word selfish

Spending time refuelling and nurturing your own individual needs does not make you selfish. In order to care for and love those around with the intensity and passion that you want to be remembered for it is so important that look after you. Your needs and desires are important. Self care is not self indulgent, it is an act of self preservation.


2.      Spend Time With Your Thoughts and Emotions
We all talk about our feelings, especially women, to anyone who will listen. We analyse, pick apart and justify our feelings yet we rarely sit with ourselves and really feel them. For so many of us we have become very good at avoiding difficult feelings. Many of us are afraid to feel our emotions, afraid of the pain, feeling like a failure or afraid of not having it together and loosing control.We chose to ignore these feelings by distracting ourselves with shopping, beauty treatments etc.  We might calm down, get alone time or treat ourselves for a brief moment when in actual fact this is just a band aid solution. We become numb to our feelings.  


3.     Get Creative
Creativity can help to revive your passion and lust for life. When we are being creative we become lost in the moment (this is also know as flow) and we stop thinking about what we shouldk/would/could do and instead live in the moment. 


4.      Your Body Is A Temple
We all know by now that certain foods, chemicals, and substances can work against us in all areas of life, so make sure that you put into your body things that will make you feel good. If you are feeling imbalanced in life make sure to address what foods and drinks you are consuming first. 


5.     Get Physical
As women we sometimes live in fear of our body. We are made to feel like our bodies are only props to express beauty. But our bodies are so much more than objects to make lean, pretty or skinny. Our bodies are vehicles for us to express and feel strength, speed, agility, mobility, flexibility and so much more! It is time we celebrate what our bodies can do. 

These are just a few of the many things you can do to honour yourself. Have you tried doing some of them? If not, it’s time that you start saying yes to yourself!

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