Self-Esteem and the Importance of Positive Affirmations

"Be careful how you are talking to yourself because you are listening."


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Positive affirmations are a very powerful tool in building self-esteem - crazy powerful. It may sound cliché and even cheesy, but telling yourself positive things every day can start to impact how you feel about yourself, your abilities and your future in a major way.


I have different affirmations for different occasions. I have affirmations for when I am struggling at work, I have affirmations when I am having a bad body day and I have affirmations to remind myself every day that I am a strong and powerful woman. 

I write them on post-its and stick them on my mirror. I stick decals on my mirrors. I print my favourite quotes and put them in frames and I buy jewellery with my favourite affirmations on them. I make affirmations using an app I have on my phone and turn them into screensavers. Any place that I look often like my fridge or near my laptop you will see a daily reminder to myself. 

Positive Affirmations are short positive statements targeted at a specific set of negative beliefs. Replacing these negative beliefs (or negative self-talk) with positive and nurturing affirmations will help you achieve a happier, healthier and more positive life - it is a kind of "brainwashing" that you are in control of.

Affirmations are proven methods of self-improvement because of their ability to rewire our brains. Using positive affirmations can help us to keep focused on our inner goals. The more determined you are to make a change the better they will work for you.

Yes, affirmations really work. All our inner dialogue and self-talk is an affirmation of some kind, that if repeated continually will become a part of our life experiences and beliefs. 

The chances are the affirmations you have been using up until now have been working against you, and not for you!

Some affirmations (my affirmations, ha!) aren’t sexy, or pretty but all they need to do is open up new possibilities and opportunities; a new way of thinking and a new way of living. 

I post loads of affirmations on my Instagram stories! You more than welcome to check them out and screenshot your favourite ones. I designed them to be used phone screensavers. I have all the affirmations saved in a highlight to they are easy to find.

And I use daily affirmations in my journal, Be Your Own Best Friend too.

If you feel that you experience low self-esteem, I can't recommend positive affirmations enough.


Sarah Doyle is a life coach, a speaker, the creator or L-School and The Empowered Women Workshops, the founder of The Better Life Project and author of Be Your Own Best Friend. Sarah works with women all over the world to help them achieve their personal and professional goals, whilst developing their confidence and self-esteem.

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