My Top 5 Motivation Hacks

The most common question I get asked as a life coach is “how can I stay on track?”. Having an idea, being inspired to start a side project or nurture yourself esteem or confidence can sometimes feel like the easy part looking back. Keeping the magic alive in the days and weeks later - when the going gets tough and motivation dips - is the challenge.


Some people never make it through that dip and fall into the old habits that have been letting them down time and time again. Here’s my 5 favourite ways to stay motivated and keep productive when the going gets tough.


My Fave YouTube & Podcasts Channels

I have only recently discovered The School of Life and I love it. It is a You Tube channel and a real-life school (for adults) devoted to emotional education. I recently met Elizabeth Dehn, creator of Beauty Bets and founder of Healers; a new podcast dedicated to teachers and gurus who are transforming lives in unconventional ways. Elizabeth interviews everyone from colonic therapist to the shaman priestess. She has created this podcast to give a voice to people who can change the way you view the universe and your ability to heal yourself. This incredible viewing is all free of charge. 

Bite Size Reading 

My favourite magazine of all time is Psychologies - a women's magazine whose goal is to enrich the emotional life of women. At €6.50 it's a little pricey for one magazine but it's worth every penny!

Online Courses and Learning Communities 

There are some amazing online learning resources out there such as Udemy and Skillshare that contain online courses on almost every topic you can think of. I loved them so much I felt inspired to create Life School, or L-School as I like to call it. L-School was deigned to empower women on their personal development and wellbeing journey. I wanted to create a community of learning that contains science and heart felt advice to help women live their best possible life.  L-School is a gym for your brain. You will be guided on your self-help and wellbeing journey by trusted female experts who want to show you how to develop emotionally, mentally, spiritually, economically and intellectually in a fun and easy going way! L-School is special because it is fun, affordable, accessible an every course is created by women, for women. You could say we get it! 

Events and Workshops

One of my favourite ways to stay motivated and nurture my own emotional, spiritual, economic and physical development is to attend workshops and events. I try to at least 2-3 a year! I run courses every few months and my next Empowered Woman workshop is taking place in February and of course You can use this link to grab your early bird ticket. 

Book Clubs 

Why not set up a personal development book club with your friends? What could be better than wine, chats, books and friends?  

There you have it, 5 quick and simple strategies to help you stay motivated and support you on your self help journey. Got anymore? Please fee free to comment below and share in the magic!


Sarah is a life coach and motivational speaker. As the co-founder of The Better Life Project and creator of L-Schoo, she’s the “go to” life coach for anyone feeling stuck in a rut, lacking in confidence or struggling with low self-esteem or body image. Sarah offers life coaching and mentoring services and works with clients in person in Dublin, Ireland and over Skype around the world.

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