5 Tips To Help You Feel Less Anxious About Work Tomorrow

My top 5 lifestyle and emotional wellbeing tips will help you feel calm, happy and help to increase your work productivity.


1.     Get a Little Perspective:

It’s important to remember that whilst work is a really important part of anyone’s life, it is not the be all and end all. Though your day job may feel like it eats up all of your time, the numbers don’t lie: If you spend eight hours per day at work, you still have eight hours to sleep and another eight to do what ever you want. I know for a some people reading this a 40 hour week is a dream but none the less it remains the standard thereby leaving a lot of space in your life for other things. Don't take work home with you!

Nevertheless, I know telling someone to stop worrying about work or being told to stop worrying about work can be hard! Whilst a little bit of worry or stress can spur us into action, too much can result in paralysing amounts of anxiety, paralysis by analysis and indecisiveness. It can sap us of our emotional energy and interfere with our daily life.

To help you keep this perspective try creating boundaries by focusing your emotional energy on things you CAN control. When ever you feel anxious, worried or stressed go outside for some fresh air, write down 5 things you are grateful for that day or help someone in the office who looks as anxious as you feel. 


2.     Get a hobby or a side project:

A side project (a free lance gig, home project or goal) or hobby will drive your passion, fuel your energy and possibly even reignite your spark again. It will take the focus away from any problems or anxieties you are feeling about work and inspire you to think more positively about your future.

I know right now it might feel like you don’t have the time for any thing else but I promise you, you do!  As I mentioned above you have up to 40 hours of free time a week that you can take advantage off! So whether it is starting a new hobby or creating a side project think carefully about how you use up this time. Because if you are currently using this binge watching Netflix or locked up in your room or house it's definitely time to find other ways to unwind.

A side project or a hobby will help you feel like you are back in control of your life again. It will give you something to look forward to, make you feel like you have a purpose again and inspire you to learn new skills, grow in confidence and vitality. 

3.     Spend more time looking after yourself and less time complaining:

While talking about the worries and anxieties can sometimes help, it usually will make things worse, especially if the person you are talking to is also an over-thinker. You might end up working yourself up into a downward negative spiral. This type of co-rumination, where two ruminators get together to over-think about their lives together, can lead both people deeper into negativity and stress.

Next time you find yourself talking about your problems ask yourself if this really helping me? If the answer is no then try other forms of self care and nurturing; read a book, make a bath, go for a nice long walk, cook a delicious meal or get a manicure or hot shave.

Not only is it important to look after yourself in periods of stress and anxiety, it's almost more important to look after yourself during periods of 'normality' as well! Regular exercise, good food and daily mindfulness will reduce the likelihood of you NEEDING a holiday or a break to unwind because you feel so burnt out. 

4.     Plan something exciting to do every day:

So many of us look forward to Friday, not just because it represents the end of the week, but also because there is usually a party, drinks out with colleagues, a nice lunch or the option to wear casual clothes. Why not spread the love out a little and where possible do something on a Monday that you usually reserve for a Friday!



5.     Have you ever really asked yourself are you even HAPPY in your job?

Because if thoughts of work keep you up at night or prevent you from enjoying your free time maybe it's time for a change! If you are feeling a little more than stressed at work there might be a bigger problem it's time to face up to!

  • Are you happy with your career direction?
  • Do you feel like you belong in your work place?
  • Do you feel fulfilled and like you are making a meaningful contribution? 
  • Are you satisfied with your work-life balance?

People decide to change careers for lots of reasons; maybe you want to earn a better salary, work in a different sector, maybe you aren't happy with the culture of your workplace or you don't get on with your colleagues! Whatever your reason is, changing jobs or looking to change roles you need a plan and confidence.

To help you make this transition, I have created a Career Change Workshop! My workshop will help you kick start your career change and discover how to find work that you love and a plan to make it happen.

I want to teach you how to build your confidence to take the plunge, how to build an exit strategy from your current job, how to overcome your fears, and how to financially prepare for a worst case scenario. Click on the link below today and kick start your career change :) http://www.thebetterlifeproject.ie/careerclinic

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