Episode 11, Better Life Project TV

With Melissa Curry, Jewellery Designer and Creator of BE YOUR OWN SUCCESS

How to Imagine, Believe and Achieve with Melissa Curry Melissa's career as jewellery designer has seen her travel all around the world from Paris to London whilst collaborating with incredible brands and people such Swarovski, Absolut, Virgin Atlantic and Philippe Starck (at Bon). Melissa was living the dream that she so diligently and passionately pursued. 

However, Melissa’s life dramatically changed when her son was diagnosed with multiple health complications. All of a sudden Melissa found herself isolated, unable to work and in a financial downward spiral. 
During these difficult times Melissa was surrounded by a group of women who not only felt the same as she did but whom encouraged and supported each other. hese women inspired her to overcome the hurdles life put in her way and to look inside herself and find the strength again to believe that anything is possible. With self belief and determination Melissa rediscovered what it meant to be her once again stood up after she fell to achieve her dreams. 

If you have ever felt like life wants you to fail or that that your lack of confidence and self belief is too great to overcome then this Better Life Project TV is a must watch for you!

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