Episode 7, Better Life Project TV

With Elysia Doody from Body For You

I am very familiar with self-doubt. I lived with it for many years and still experience it to this day. Sometimes the things that the people say – the people who belong in your past - can be hard to forget and can make you feel like you are not smart enough, or good enough to even take the first step. This Better Life Project TV with Elysia Doody from Body For You is all bout overcoming self-doubt and the naysayers so you can follow your dreams.  Self doubt can damage you, hurt you or even make you feel like putting your life and dreams on pause but in Elysia’s own words “Your owe it to your future clients to just do it”. This episode is a must watch for anyone lacking in self-belief. Elysia is such an inspiration and is proof that being a dreamer is a very good thing! 

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