7 Mistakes You Make When Picking a Life Coach

Life coaching is a future-focused practice with the aim of helping you determine and achieve your personal goals. By examining what is going on in your life right now we can discover what your obstacles or challenges might be, and choose a course of action to make your goals, ambitions and dreams a reality.


You need a life coach the same way you need a hair dresser, doctor, dentist or therapist. and because you are worthy of only the best here are some common mistakes I see people make when picking a life coach. 


1. You think you have to be ready

You don’t have to be ready to work with a coach, you just have to want it! We all want something but its usually fear holding us back from taking action. A coach will help you get clear on what it is that you want and how you can breakthrough that fear, insecurity and procrastination so you can not only feel ready, but be rearing to go!


2. you think a life coach isn't qualified

A coach is a highly trained and experienced professional. Sure, there are dabblers with little qualification and experience - they do a 6 week course and think they have the answer to everyone problems. They work a full time job else where, read one book and all of a sudden think they can support you to achieve your dreams! Make sure you work with someone who has invested time, effort and money into creating a life and business specifically designed to help YOU. 

A life coach is supporting you to achieve your dreams - work with someone who can offer you the best possible skills, strategies and experience that you deserve (and you deserve a lot, by the way).  



When your toilet is clogged you aren't going to ask the electrician to fix it, are you?  So why would you ask, or even expect, your personal trainer, nutritionist or therapist to help you achieve you determine and achieve your goals? A life coach is a life coach first, and everything else second. 


4. You forget your  picking someone to be on your team

Working with a life coach is like asking something to be on your team and play on the same side as you. A life coach is your cheerleader and wing man all wrapped up in one! Your life coach wants you to WIN and since they only ever have your best interests at heart a life coach WILL see through all your B.S excuses and limiting beliefs. And call you on it! A life coach will never judge you for your past, present or future desires.

Working with a coach is a fun and exciting journey! Yes, there will be challenges but if you have picked the right person for your team you will never have to to face those challenges alone. 


5. you think A life coach will never get how you feel

I have learned that most life coaches start coaching because they have a past and they want to help people who have faced similar challenges. Make sure they are honest about their journey (and that you are honest about yours) and that they understand what it's like to feel how you feel.


6. you assume a life coach is cheap

For some people a life coach is the last option - plan Z. You go to a therapist, psychologist or counsellor first and none of it works. And then when you contact a life coach you are are surprised the prices are the same, or more! Coaches work extremely hard to create a plan of action that will help you achieve your goals and vision. An exceptional life coach is probably also running her own business. There is a time and place in life for all caring professions and the work of each is more valuable then words can describe. But this is your life we are talking about so don't be afraid to invest in it!



When you pick a life coach you are picking someone that will help to transform your life. There is nothing wrong with fear, doubt or insecurity but always remember your happiness is worth more then your fear. You are worth it. You can find meaning and purpose in your life because you are here for a reason. I believe in your strength, power and potential for success. And I promise, if you make a commitment to work on your happiness, confidence or success you will find it.

Do you need someone to hold you accountable to your HAPPINESS, SUCCESS and CONFIDENCE? Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired with life? 

If the answer is yes then get in touch with me today to find out how I can help you transform your life. 

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