Are You Ready to Get Out of Your Own Way and Start Living the Life That You Want?

Women, in todays world get into their own way more than anything or anyone else.


Do you compare yourself to other women and then feel bad about yourself, your career, your relationship or your body?

Do you doubt yourself and get stuck in indecisiveness and confusion about what you want?

Do you hold yourself back because you think you are not ready or not enough?

I remember standing in the bathroom in my moms house, staring at my reflection with complete desperation. I just wanted to change, be better, loose weight, feel happier, achieve my goals.

I was 26 and I still wasn’t happy in my own skin. I thought these things were suppose to get easier the older you got.

I was in a wonderful relationship and I just started a really exciting new job but how I felt about myself - the comparing myself, doubting myself, holding myself back - was crushing me.

My lack of self esteem was paralysing.

I was at a crossroads! I didn't want to spend another minute hating my reflection because for the first time ever I finally started to see that there were so many more amazing things that needed my time, energy and focus. 

I knew that if I continued on the path I was on I would hold myself back from achieving all that I wanted from life.


STANDING IN THE BATHROOM OF MY MOMS HOUSE, In that moment, I realised I spent 26 years standing in my own.


I learned that there were so many amazing things waiting for us at the end of our fear. When we actively and consistently pursed real life experiences, embraced our fear of failure, judgement and rejection and acted anyway life started to get really awesome.

I had no idea that every time I stood in my own way or allowed fear to rule my behaviour  I was giving up a piece of my personal power. Power that would have enabled me to thrive, flourish and reach my potential. Power that was unique to me and my future! 


The first step to getting out of my own was making peace with my reflection. The second step was to embrace my voice and use this to empower me to move forward.


My body wasn’t the enemy, but after 26 years of punishing it for not looking the way I thought it should, I finally started on my journey towards self acceptance self love.

It took me a little longer to end the cycle of self doubt that meant hiding my opinion and quietening my voice.

I was nervous that as a women I was too strong and I would make the boys feel bad. I didn’t stand up for myself or “lean in” nearly as much as should have - I was nervous that I would be found out and labelled a fraud.

It was hard trying to reverse 26 years of hiding in the shadows. But it wasn’t impossible.

Every day I see clients who hold themselves back because they think they are not ready. They spend their life hiding and waiting for all the conditions they have placed on their happiness to materialise.

She hides her ideas and opinions; she never approaches men and so pushes away romance and maybe even love; she wants to feel beautiful in her own skin but instead of loving it she hides it in clothes.


She gave away her power.


Pursue real life experiences - whether you feel fear or not - and you can start to live the lifeyou have always wanted!


Are you ready to get out of your own?


If the answer is yes then you do not want to miss this BLP live event for women. 

I want to help regain your personal power, get out of your own way and live the life you want.  




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