5 Top Tips to Reboot a Bad Day

We have all been there! You miss your bus and then your boss schedules a last minute meeting and you feel like you will never catch up. A friend calls to cancel you evening plans and you are wondering how you will ever make it through the day in one piece!


Our instincts tell us to just stick it out - keep going despite the stress. But you wouldn’t keep going with a runny nose or sore throat without actively doing something about it, so why shouldn't you do the same with your mental health?


These top tips will help you reboot your bad day in 15 minutes or less!


  1. Go outside: Take a 15-minute brisk walk outside.

  2. Do a kind thing: Do something nice for someone! Surprise your colleagues with their favourite coffee or tea from the local coffee shop. Write a thank-you note to someone saying how much they mean to you and how grateful you are to have them.

  3. Organise time with friends: Host a wine and tea party with your close friends. Pick the date and time, make some healthy treats and ask everyone to supply their favourite bottle of wine and tea.

  4. Listen to Music: Put your favourite artist on YouTube, crank that shit up, stand in the middle of the room and close your eyes and just let the good vibes in.

  5. Get Busy: Pick something easy that needs to get done and just start doing it.  

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