My Greatest Fear

I wanted to share this with you guys... 

This evening I was reading one of the many awesome emails I subscribe to, this particular one was all about "the one fear almost every successful person has". Every now and again you just read something that hits a nerve and this was it for me!

I still feel like everything with the BLP is so new! I am working so hard (and smart) to help you guys as much as I can. 

With my Lifestyle Design workshop coming up in less than a week I am really, REALLY pushing myself outside of my comfort zone in every way possible. I will not stand up in front of anyone - ever - and ask them to try something I have not already done myself! I will do what ever it takes to help you and make the BLP work. 

I closed my eyes and really started thinking about what is driving me forward!

What do I fear? 

What is motivating me? 

Why have I not stopped talking about Lifestyle Design? Why did I quit my safe, well paying job? Why do I kill myself in the gym in the name of my 150kg squat? Why do I go to parties and not drink? Why do I bother with anything? 

It's not fear of failure, judgment, rejection, change, missing out or abandonment... 

What is the one thing that I fear most in the world?


In life, I want to feel like I have done everything in power to create success. 

As soon as the word regret popped into my mind I knew that was the fear the guy from the email was talking about! I could feel it. 

I am petrified of looking back at my life and regretting not giving it my all, not living everyday in a way that will support my vision. 

Successful people don't fear failure or judgement because they know that success and failure share the same path, and that in order to achieve great things you will experience set backs. 

Successful people fear regret because regret means never ever giving something a chance. You didn't even try. 

The fear of regret will never hold me back! It will drive me forward and it should drive you too!

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