3 Reasons Why You’re Wrong About Life Coaching

You know… you probably don’t need a life coach. Because one of the first things a good life coach will do is just ask you to solve your own problem. I know that sounds mad, but bear with me.

See, you probably already know what you need to do to fix whatever it is that’s wrong with your life, or at least if someone was to ask you the right questions, you’d know exactly how to answer it.

But most people just don’t know how to ask them.

So… you don’t need a “life coach”, but you do need someone who knows exactly the right questions to ask. But a life coach with hundreds and thousands of hours doing just that is a MUCH better option than some random friend or partner who’s more concerned with not offending you, than they are asking the right questions.

Like Aisling, you need to find your own answers. And I’m here to help.

Before you can do any of that, you must take action. A decision isn’t TRULY made until you take a step towards making that decision reality. That step is… action.

And in this case, that action is to send me a message and tell me what’s up and I’ll see if I can help. I won’t lie to you – not every problem is solvable solvable by a life coach, but I bet there’s a lot more that I can do for you than you realise.

Do what Aisling said – take Action. Send that message now.

A single hour long coaching session might not seem like long, barely even enough to crack the surface even. But when you deal in the scientific principles of happiness and life coaching, you can get to the root of the problem, and create a very effective set of first steps very, very quickly.

Hell… let me surprise you with that.

For less than the cost of a Saturday night on the lash, you could have your world turned upside down just like Aisling did.

---- truth bomb: most people go out on the weekend to try and forget about the problems you’re about to step up and tackle. Imagine going out just because you wanted to have a great time with your friends. Not just because you were trying to escape something ----

That’s what coaching with The Better Life Project can bring you.

Send that message now.

Don’t even think about it, because if you do, your brain will come up with one million and one reasons why you shouldn’t.

Listening to that part of your brain hasn’t worked until now.

Talk to me instead, and let me help you work it out. 

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