The Secret to (My) Success

Success is a completely unique experience and something that we can (and should) define for ourselves. 

Last Thursday (5th November) I was absolutely tickled pink to be announced as the best newcomer in the Inner City Enterprise Awards. 

I had a dream to become a kick ass life coaching ninja. I wanted to be the facilitator of dreams and a beacon of body (and face) confidence for women across the beautiful Emerald Isle (and beyond). 

But how do you turn your dream into a reality? How can you create success in your own life? 

Quite often you will hear me say “the only difference between people who succeed and people who don’t is that successful people will always stand back up again”.


Head up and heels in has been my motto for the last 12+ months.


But what does this mean?

Success is made up of parts but funnily enough you might never know  exactly what it was that made you successful.

It will never be just one thing.

I am extremely passionate about coaching people. I live and breathe the stuff!

Through the bad months when I earned less then a few hundred €100 and the times where my inbox stayed empty, I remained persistant. I never gave up! Even when things started to go well I never gave up. I never rested on my laurels.

I knew it would take time to create something truly amazing. I was very patient. 

I took small steps every day and I created habits that would later become a very powerful foundation. 

So, what do you see when you take a closer look at success?


Because when I look closely I see passion, persistance and a hell of a lot of patience


But you will never know which one made the difference because you will always need all three in your life.

It's important to remember this when you are working on yourself, your business, your relationships or your mental, physical and spiritual health. 

In every part of your life you must always remember to be passionate, persistant and patient.

I see many of my clients become frustrated because it doesn’t happen fast enough or because the process is painful or too hard. 

Whether you are pursuing happiness or a job promotion the principle remains the same.

Passion. Persistence. Patience. 

The secret to success is that there is no secret. 

The secret to my success is that I just haven't given up yet. 

And I don’t plan on it. 

Award or no award, I feel my success in my bones. 

But what would YOU do if you won?

And what would you do if you lost? 

What would you remember?


Things that happen to us or around us are neuTral.


In other words, events that take place in our life are neutral until we place a value on it.

This is what I remember from last night when I won the Inner City Enterprise Best Newcomer 2015.

I remember the "S" of my name announced and thinking…. WOW!

I remember James yelling when he heard my name being called.

I remember my mom pushing her way over to me to give me a hug, bursting with pride.

I remember dad sounding giddy when I told him over the phone. 

I remember my little sister sharing the news all over Facebook ("Very, very proud of this one Sarah Doyle for just being her …")  and my older sister calling me a split second after she heard the news. 

I remember thinking that I didn't need this award to validate my success or my experience with my business but feeling extremely privileged to have even been considered, let alone winning.

I remember feeling that there is no greater feeling than pride, especially when you can create it for yourself.

On James facebook page he quoted Arnie.... 


 "The meaning of life is not simply to exist, to survive, but to move ahead, to go up, to achieve, to conquer.


In other words, the meaning of life is to create a life that is meaningful to you!

Do one thing today that will bring your life meaning. And if you ever need my help, just send me an email to and I would be honoured (super super stoked) to work with you :) 

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