Are you always racing against the clock?


Have you ever heard yourself say  “I am so bad at managing my time” or “I wish there was more hours in the day” .


Some of the best things in the world take time but there are a lot of us who still think that if we close our eyes and wish really, really hard it will just magically happen for us. 

Like another hour in the day will mysteriously appear… 

When you're facing a big, messy task that requires consistent, hard effort, you can feel so helpless...

This could include anything from finishing a major project to restoring a strained relationship to losing weight or looking for a job.

But it can even include cooking dinner, calling your mom or showering. 

When you are feeling stressed out all tasks appear great. Big and small!

We have filled our time with so much, we have lost track of time. 

For me that even includes checking Face Book  - my brain is bard wired to habitually check my Facebook news feed for absolutely no other reason that I am being lazy, forgetful and curious. 

Up until now the chances are you have been asking yourself the wrong question...

To focus on what counts and what will serve my greater purpose I have started to ask myself the following questions  “Am I doing what is essential, or what is expected?”

Essential items or tasks are work that will serve your greater purpose, work that needs to get done in order to progress the things in life that are important to us...

Work that my future self will be thank full I did. 

Completing tasks that are expected of me means that the question driving my behaviour– in that moment – is “will this make someone else happy?”, “is it easier to just say yes?”, “ive always done so I should keep on doing it?" or "Its too late to change who I am". 

We get stuck in habits and routines more often than not because we have lost focus and our attention has shifted - sub consciously - to do what is expected of us instead of what is essential. 

Keep your focus sharp on what is essential to your future and forget all the rest.

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