Demand a Higher Standard


Some people think that when you chose to actively pursue happiness that your starting point is sadness, or that something is wrong.

Or that aspiring to be healthier means that you are lazy.

Or that craving positivity means that you feel hopeless, even worthless.  

We are embarrassed to actively pursue a better life because we think that people will just assume the worse.  

But It doesn’t matter what your starting point is because as human beings we need to progress in life. We need to constantly move forward in order to live happy lives.

We need to demand a higher standard. Every day we must strive for progress.

We must strive to be better and do more that we did yesterday. 

I do this by accepting that happiness, health and positivity are the bedrock of success.

I was really nervous about creating a workshop that was designed to inspire you to lead happier, healthier and more positive lives.  But that’s like saying that I am embarrassed about what I do to lift me when I am feeling low.

I’m not embarrassed about any of my choices. In fact I am proud that I have created something that works for me.

My personal vision is simple and to the point but by golly it’s powerful. 

It really does help me keep my head above water at times. That’s one of the reasons why creating a personal vision plays such a huge role at my Lifestyle Design Workshop.

Little habits and rituals inform so many of our decisions and choices. 

However, when we understand where we want our life to go we can take control of those habits and rituals and steer our lives in a new direction – create new habits and new rituals.

A personal vision is how you want to be remembered and your lifestyle will get you there. 

So...demand a higher standard and design a lifestyle that will enable you to achieve your personal vision. 


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