8 Tips to Help You Reach Your Health and Fitness Goals

Here are a few tips to help you reach your health and fitness goals  :-) 

1. Feeling healthy and fit isn't a goal! A "feeling" isn't a goal, it's a reward and you need to figure out what you can do to bring this about. Do you want to squat a 100kg? Do you want to run the Dublin Marathon? Do you want to master a new yoga pose? When you achieve this reward (or feeling) you will feel not only healthy and fit you will also feel strong, confident and empowered. 

2. Find something that works for you! Just because everyone else joins a gym doesn't mean you have to. Going to a gym isn't for everyone and it's totes OK if you are not into it . 

3. Find something that is fun: If you are not having fun, you won't last. Exercise is fun. It is not a reward or punishment. Exercise should be something we do because it is fun and empowering. It makes us smile and is one of the best possible mechanisms to experience progress in life.  

4. Write your goal down. Surround yourself with your goal everywhere you go! Make it your screen saver or write it down on a piece of paper and keep it in your wallet. 

5. Condition yourself! Identify one little thing you need to do to bring you closer to your goal and do it every day. There is so much power in the little things, or the ritual, so master this and become unstoppable. 

6. Visualise yourself achieving your goals. See yourself crossing the finishing line in your first ever Dublin Marathon  :-)

7. Demand a high standard. Make it a must to succeed and you will!

8. Come from a position of strength. Be motivated by positive change and progress. Do not use fear or hatred to motivate yourself. Motivate yourself using inspiring, positive and rewarding goals (For e.g I want to run the Dublin Marathon because I know it will make me feel strong and NOT I want to run the Marathon because I need to loose 10lbs because I feel fat and lazy <--- That will not work!!!)

I like making goals, accomplishing them and working with people on theirs too. I like what goals can inspire and alleviate. 

The right goal can turn survival into thriving and boredom into excitement 

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