The ‘To Do List’ Do’s and Dont's


I love a good to do list.

It’s my “everything is going to be alright” list.

First thing I did this morning? Make a to do list with with “make a to do list” at the top. 

I haven’t even started yet and I am already winning :-) 

I have learned a few things over the years that could help you manage your to do a little better.

  1. Make a To Do List: Always start the list with “make a to do list”. It is a job in its own right and I wouldn’t dare deprive anyone the opportunity for an easy “check” off the list.
  2. Different Lists: I create multiple lists for work, personal and study. This helps me stay organised. 
  3. Ranking: I always prioritise. Get the most important things done first. These items should be at the top of your list, or highlighted in an obnoxiously bright colour. 
  4. Eat Frogs: No one wants to eat frogs but there are times when you gotta do what you gotta do. Do what ever it is you don’t want to do first. Do not let what you are dreading the most effect the rest of your dat.  There is nothing worse than the feeling of something hanging over you.   
  5. Time management: Do not spend all day on one thing. Work in 30 – 40 minute blocks. Move on if you need to and come back to the list. I will use ½ sign so I will remember that I started the task, but that I need to come back to it.
  6. Reward Yourself: When I finish my list I will always celebrate by doing something fun.  I could watch a movie, start cooking dinner or bake something. The point is that I reward all my hard work.
  7. Stay organised: Sometimes I will see things on my list that make no sense to me like random words or abbreviations. There is nothing more annoying. Keep your list organised and making sense.
  8. Relax: I will always include forms of relaxation or mindfulness on my list. Go to the gym. Go for a walk. Stick your head out the window and bloody breath. 
  9. Portable: I like to bring my list with me so I always write my to do’s in my diary or on a blank piece of paper and keep in my bag.
  10. Cross off the List: I LOVE crossing things off my list. It is such a great feeling.
  11. New Day: If one thing on my list didn’t get done I will create a new list and prioritise this task it for the next day.

I can also recommend an App for your phone called Clear. It is a really simple and convenient way to manage your to do list using the technology. 

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