If You Don’t Have Anything Nice To Say, Don’t Say Anything At All….

I don’t get it.

Call me naive.

Call me dumb.

But I don’t get it.

I don’t think there is one mom out there who has not uttered the words “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”.

And yet there are so many wankers out there spewing there negative toxic shite. 

I can ignore 83.33 % (totally made up number) of it but I am a sensitive soul so some stuff gets in and I want to talk about the principle behind it.

I am 29-year-old entrepreneur trying to make a go at her dreams (The BLP).

When you like the Facebook page and subscribe to my emails I believe we are in a mutually beneficial relationship. I am doing you a favour because I am not afraid to share my life in order to HELP YOU. You are doing me a favour by showing me that you are interested in all my shenanigans – reading, sharing etc. 

If we are connected in some way we can help each other  – HELP being the operative word here!

Ok, so lets get back to the principle I spoke about earlier.

If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

For the people that I don’t know you are part of the 88.33% who criticise me and that I don’t listen to. For the remaining 11.67% (another made up number) that I do know and criticise me… here is the beef I have with you.

You have never done anything to support me, help me grow or nurture me.

You poke fun at me. You declare my business unprofessional because I can’t spel (that’s just for you!). You make jabs. You question my authority to help and support people based on a qualification. You like my business page out of pity and you don’t believe that I can make it.

You do all of this and you have never once reached out to me to ask how I am. I have given up so much for the BLP and I will continue to make sacrifices to make my dream a reality (But how messed up is this world that we need to sacrifice in order to achieve our dreams?). 

If you followed me you would actually know that I regularly ask for feedback, but you don’t follow me. You just poke holes. And you are never the only one. I have to deal with negativity EVERYWHERE. 

If you want to offer me constructive feedback, than bring it! Sit me at a table and tell me what I could do differently. But tell me what you love about what I am trying to do with my life first. I deserve support, love and compassion from the people that I know. 

WE ALL DESERVE THIS! We all deserve a chance to make our dreams a reality.

Do you want to be a part of my success? Or do you want to be a reason why I fail?

Show me that you will support me, help me grow and nurture me. Show me that you want to be a part of my success.

If the first time you engage with the business or me is to make fun, criticise or poke holes then the problem is not me, it’s you!

I know it’s really hard to see people around you do things you have always wanted to do. They have broken free of the same shackles that are holding you back. They are living the life that you always thought you would have and they are happy.

Envy and jealousy are the root causes of so much hate in this world. I can say this because there is not a day that goes by that I don’t feel it.

I have taken my motto –  “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” – one step further.



I will be the person who lifts you. ALWAYS!

I have been a coach with the BLP for a year and I’ve lost count of the amount of people I have coached from idea maker into action taker (and this includes businesses incredibly similar to the BLP). I have coached people who are so like me it’s unnerving and seriously hard.

I am scared that they will be better than me.

But they deserve support and I would rather be a part of their success. 

Am I naive? 

Is it too much to ask for people to be kind and positive?

Is it unfair to expect people to park their own insecurities just long enough to reach out and help someone else up the ladder?

Is it unrealistic to expect that the people in our lives will stop for one second to voice their support.


I have a Bachelors degree, Masters degree, Diploma and certs coming out of my arse. The qualification is not the problem.

I can’t spell and that makes me unprofesionel (how do you like them apples!)? How about you and I sit down so I can show you just how good I am at my job, and then we can revisit my spelling.

The first time you have ever shown your face on my business page was to be negative? Well, when you come to me for support, coaching and motivation I will work so much harder to lift you UP because I will always want to be a part of YOUR success. 

We owe it to ourselves, to our community and to freaking humanity to be positive for one another. There is so much in life that we cannot control so with the parts of it that we can control we need to work with the people we know, and not against them. 

The problem isn’t always me and the fact that I am a sensitive little snowflake. In fact, if that is the only you can say to rationalise your negativity than it means I will sleep a little better tonight. Because sooner or later you will realise that the problem isn’t me.

And it will drive you just bonkers when I am the one you come to for help. I will welcome you with my big muscley arms and I will ask you what I can do to be a part of your success?

And I will charge you top dolla too 

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