Good Mood Tip

It is so simple you will wonder why you never thought of it yourself! 

Do you sometimes wake up in a BAD mood?

Who doesn’t!

But the thing about waking up in a bad mood is that you will probably stay in one for the whole day! 

You feel like there is a dark cloud hanging over you. You make poor choices. You are cranky and snappy!

But if you were in a good mood you know your would feel confident and happy! You would look after yourself with good food and plenty of exercise.

I have this “good mood” morning routine that I think you will love 

It’s called my MORNING FUNNIES.

I find a funny YouTube clip and watch it first thing in the morning.

Basically, I create time first thing in the morning for laughter.

First thing in the morning when I sit down in front of my laptop I will watch a morning funny on YouTube! No Facebook or emails until I have seen one. I have done this so often it is now a habit! I see my lap and I get excited about what video I will find :-) 

In order for you to adopt the same routine all you have to do is create one simple cue that will remind you of what you want to do. So, maybe put a post-it on your laptop or set your alarm clock to say “watch your morning funny first thing”. 

You will notice such a massive difference to your day :-) 


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