I Have a Big Bum and Big Legs.

photo (6)sss
photo (6)sss

I use to think that big meant that I was fat so I felt ashamed and embarrassed of my body. I would look at parts of me and say “I will be happy when you are smaller, leaner and skinnier”. Because I thought body confidence meant you had to have a small, lean and skinny frame. I thought this was the only way I would be happy with my body! 

However four year ago I started weight training and I was challenged to view my body in a different light. 

I was forced to broaden my definition of what it meant to feel body confident. I stopped aspiring to the skinny and lean ideal and I realised that there is much more - so many more ways - to feeling happy and comfortable in my own skin.

The way we view our bodies and the conditions we place on our happiness and confidence is so restrictive. 

We exercise because it makes us FEEL healthy, strong and confident yet we think the only way to achieve these feelings is dropping 2 dress sizes and losing the tummy! 

It's time to change this way of thinking. 

I no longer see my bum and legs as things that need to be manipulated in order to make me happy. My big bum and big legs are the reason I feel strong and confident and I wouldn't ever change them. 

Being strong has made me far happier than skinny ever would.

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