Are You Good Enough? Confidence Crises and Comparison Trap

In this unbelievably deadly webinar myself and James talk about strategies that you can use NOW to help you feel good about who you and where you are! 

A few things I learned

  • Girls are not the only ones who struggle with their body image. Help a brother out next time you see him feeling down. He needs it too!
  • We care TOO much about other people's opinions, beliefs and values! Like an anchor, they just weigh us down and we become frozen.
  • We forget that life is made up of so many things! We need to ask ourselves, what legacy we want to leave behind.
  • We need to make a commitment to ourselves that we will work towards developing strategies to help us understand, and manage how we interact with our environment and the people in it. Don't be afraid of this work! Imagine how proud you will be when you start to notice your confidence and self-esteem increasing. It will be worth it! 
  • Do not let your obsessions take over... The problem isn't your perception of your body, or whatever comparison that you are making. The problem is that you are determining your own self-worth based off the comparisons you make to others. What do you want to be remembered for and what are you doing now, so that you will get there tomorrow?

Have a listen and I would love to hear about what you think!

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