My Podcast with Danny Lennon from Sigma Nutrition and What it Did for Me

SNR07A couple of months ago Danny from Sigma Nutrition asked to interview me for a series of pod-casts for Sigma Nutrition Radio. I was delighted and I can honestly say this was one of my favourite things that I have done with the BLP so far! I did not know what to expect but if I could do it all over again I would, and I wouldn't change a thing because I learned so much. But little did I know that the most significant thing to come out of this for me would happen weeks after we recorded the interview.   

It was significant because of where I am in life at the moment. The reason I talk about so many of the things that I talk about it is because I have felt it or feel it and am still going through it.]

I talk about comfort zones as much as I do because I AM IN one but it’s the BLP that is pulling me out of it.


Sometimes I get so nervous and scared about leaving my comfort zone behind and the direction that I am headed in I really do think about packing it all in and staying where I am. I started to believe that dreams shouldn't be this hard... 



But dreams are hard and scary and I was reminded of this one day when I got home and noticed that Danny had released a Sigma Nutrition Radio teaser clip.


I had become aware of some of the amazing people Danny interviewed so the last thing I was expecting was to hear my sexy voice (I had a cold and sounded like Phoebe from Friends when she sang "Smelly Cat"). 



I nervously started listening to the teaser and about a minute in I heard me... "The comfort zone... I like to refer to it as a poisonous resting place because you are never going to achieve anything as long as you stay in that comfort zone. When you step outside your comfort zone that when shit starts to happen, that's when you start to achieve things. But its a pity because that's when you are the most scared and that's when you are the most nervous and that's when you experience fear and you experience anxiety around so many negative emotions but these are all OK to experience because its just a part of the process."



I felt like someone lifted a weight of my shoulders. Feeling fear is normal - it shows how much you care about the changes that you are trying to make. I was sitting on the fence before I listened to this teaser but I am well and truly on the other side now... giving my comfort zone the middle finger and charging full force ahead in the direction of my dream.



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