Mr. Bastardo

Mr. BI'd like to introduce you to my friend, Mr. Bastardo. Mr Bastardo, also known as FEAR, is a close pal of mine!

Mr. Bastardo paralysed my self-belief, confidence and ability to ACT!! 


Mr. Bastardo makes me think that my dreams were too big and that my life was just FINE. He made being lazy, procrastinating and half assing seem OK! Wanker!


But I still had a dream and it was a HUGE dream!! God it was awesome - talked about it all the time - it was butterflies in the pit of your stomach, hairs on your arms stand up at once kinda dream!!! But that's all it was... A dream! And it's all I ever THOUGHT it was going to be. Mr. Bastardo stopped me believing that my dream could be a reality.

Then one day the fear of not doing something became greater than Mr. Bastardo himself. The thought of doing something made me freak out, but the thought of not doing it made me freak out even more!

So I've started taking the first step towards achieving my dream and I'm so terrified and excited but I'd like to share these steps with you....

Step 1: Name you fear. My fear is called Mr. Bastardo and he represents change, failure, judgement and losing control. 

What is you fear called? Give it a name like Voldemort, Dark Vader or Percy! Be honest about what fear means to you! 

Step 2: Do you remember when I spoke about goals, and identifying a support network? Well a dream should be approached in the same way - talk about your dream with the people around you and it will feel more real!

Do you find it difficult to talk about your dream? Well, what would you do if you won the lotto? Talk about your dream from the angle (that’s how mine started!). 

Step 3: The only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time. Kick Mr. Bastardo’s ass by breaking your dream down into smaller chunks. Things will appear far less daunting this way!

Step 4: I read a fantastic article (linked in the comments section below) that suggests people may always carry a part of their past labels, disability or diagnosis with them - “Don’t become your disability or your diagnosis”. It’s not just these past labels, disabilities or diagnosis that haunts us but also people's current expectations of us, and their familiarity with who they think we are. 

We are so afraid of doing something different! We need to LET GO!

Mr. Bastardo latches on to every part of us! He is an awful divil for that! He makes us think we don't have it in us to chase our dream! 

But Sometimes chasing a dream requires us to do things a little differently (sounds familiar?). And guess what? This means that you might need to behave a little differently too!! After kicking Mr. Bastardo’s ass, you will not come out the other side the same. This is, and should be expected!

Step 5: Find meaning and purpose in each step you take and take these steps for you and you only! If you are not at least 90% confident you can achieve it then break the steps down even further. Confidence is key!

It's this fear that prevents so many of us moving forward, from becoming truly happy and moving in the direction of our dream! In summary (who doesn't love a good summary!):

Step 1: Name your fear! Step 2: Talk about your dreams - it will make them feel more real! Step 3: Break your dream into chunks. Step 4: Let go! Step 5: Find purpose and meaning with every step you take.

Peace out!

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