Get Motivated

1920398_602674479818492_919488080_nDo you find it difficult to peel yourself off the couch or get out of bed and head to the gym?  You are sitting for hours trying to convince yourself to move… but nothing happens! 

By the time you do get up, there are things you have to get done and time has just run out. You start to feel guilty, and the cycle just perpetuates itself. 

Here are a few things that I think about every day, to help motivate my mind and body. I hope it might work for you too!

  • Motivation for your mind: Why do you want to go the gym? Do you want to feel healthy, strong, sexy, toned and muscular… what is your reason?We all want to feel something, so what is it that you want? When you know what you want, set yourself a goal that will help you achieve this. 
  • Set a goal: Setting goals gives our mind something to focus on. It provides direction and purpose. Make sure that your gym goal is something that is important to you and stick with it. Your goal could be to go to the gym three times a week, or your goal could be to run a marathon in less than 4 hours. Whatever your goal is, name it! Be specific! Remember, it is your goal that will be your tool to help you feel healthy, strong, sexy, toned and muscular. 
  • Find something that is fun: Health and fitness goals are not meant to make you feel guilty or bad about yourself! They are suppose to be fun! There are countless ways that you can achieve your goals so find something that you like doing and find some people to do it with. Set a date and go for it  I always train in a class or with people, it's always way more fun for me 
  • Stronger people are harder to kill: I remember Mr. Hanley saying this to me once. Asides form the countless health benefit s of exercise (duh)… I reckon my chances of outrunning a charging rhinoceros are pretty strong (but let’s hope that doesn't happen).
  • Being strong is empowering: I don’t know how many times I have picked up boxes, suitcases and bags with ease. Strangers have approached me kindly offering their assistance and I’m able to say, as proud as punch, that I’m doing fine. I can pull, push, squat and clean my own body weight and the feeling of being able to do this is incredible. If you asked me three years ago to to do any of these things I would have laughed in your face! 

YOU CAN DO IT! What's stopping you from starting today?

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