Say goodbye to the COMFORT ZONE

947290_541537352598872_850213846_nHave you ever wanted something but lacked the courage to take that first step? Have I mentioned that I LOVE to squat? I don't talk about them very often, so you might have missed it! 

My goal is to squat double weight. Its like a big fire in my belly. BELLY FIRE! I'm sitting on a nice 112kg so I have A LOT of work to do and this won't happen for a few years but it's belly fire and everyone know belly fire is unstoppable!

I want at least a 120kg squat by December, but what am I prepared to do to reach this milestone? 

I have to start doing something differently. 

I have to say good bye to the comfort zone and start to work .... REALLY WORK FOR IT! But I like my comfort zone. It feels safe and familiar so deciding what to do with this belly fire was tough.

Mr.Hanley has been in my ear for months about what I need to do, but I lacked the courage up until now!

I have the stupidest shoulders in the world and this takes time to improve (apparently I even need to mobilise outside of the gym!!!!).

I have to work longer and harder!

I have to rest more! 

I have to watch what I eat because recovery will be very important.

I have to make sacrifices (will I lose my pull ups?)

How hard am I prepared to work for it? How badly do I want this? 

Do I want to look back on my life in 20 years time and go "I remember that time I wanted something really badly but only ever talked about it" or will I look back in my life in 20 years and go "I remember what its like to want something really badly and fight for it".

I made a decision! 

I've taken a break from beloved gym and today was my first day of The Smolov Base Mesocylce. Smolov is a squat specialisation cycle, so four times a week I will be squattin! 

Jaysus, on day 1 I already felt like I was being chased down Knockturn Alley by Dementors! 

But it didn't matter because I have a belly fire ... Some day I will squat double weight!

It doesn't matter what your goal is! Whether you want to lift for the first time, lift heavier or just try a different movement, stepping away from your comfort zone is hard....

Just take that first step.

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