I Had a Really Feckin BAD DAY!!

1622167_585371324882141_879613082_n I wanted to talk a little more about bad days! 

We all have them!

They suck bum!

Today I had a bad that would make the arse of a jockeys horse look like it had been caressed by a feather!

I gave up. I lost control. I stopped thinking. I became anxious. I was thrown off kilter and became a mere shell of a woman! 

Is there anything that you do to help you cope when you have a bad day?

On bad days the first thing I always feel like doing is escaping, but life is such that this is never an option.

Anyway, escaping is only great in theory! In practice, I know I would feel like a turd.

On bad days I also need some Sarah time in order to work through what has happened. If this means I print emails, talk to the wall or make lists than that's what I do. 

I find a quiet space or I put on my headphones and I get cracking. I breathe deep, and focus my mind on what I need to do and I get to it. I know I will not feel calm until I have regained clarity and control.

I need to feel like I can get some control back. 

On bad days I eat what I want! My day is bad enough, I am not going to deprive myself of a biscuit just because it's not in line with my overall eating goals. 

One (two) biscuit(s) is not going to make me fat or kill me! But in that moment it calms me and affords me a little distraction. I don't need or want the whole packet of biscuits, I learned only recently that food does not fix the problem!

On bad days I talk to people! When I am good and ready, I talk about what happened with my family or friends (wall, pet fish, shower curtain... I like to talk!!). 

Talking is good, It's the main reason a bad day is a day and not a week, a month or a year.

All in, I ride the 'bad day' wave because I know and work really hard in order to pick myself up again. I trust my coping mechanism, it works for me and hasn't failed me yet. 

I know my bad day would have been a lot less mental if I had more confidence in my ability, and believed in myself more. This is definitely something that I am going to work on. In the long term, I know this will be worth it!

But I hope you feel the same too? I hope that you are aware of what your "bad day coping mechanism" is - because a bad day will just be a bad day when we come to understand the steps we need to take to manage ourselves and our environment. 

A bad day in work does not equal a bad job. A bad day with the the other half does not equal a bad relationship. A bad day in the gym does not mean you are not strong, fit or making process. 

A bad day is just....A BAD DAY! We have to move forward... 

In summary (ooohh haven't done one of these in a while...) 

- I face the problem because putting off until tomorrow what you can do today is bonkers!  - I regain clarity and control by getting organised - I enjoy a nice biscuit or two - I learn what I can in order in order to build my confidence  - I keep my bloody head up!


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