Help People

1395335_535155989903675_692950752_nThere is a common bond that exists between humanity – an invisible thread that connects us all! But this invisible thread does not only exist in the face of evil or adversity (or just plain shit luck).

This thread also connects us as we try to HELP people in our society, community and the world!

Helping people, helping people help people - I think this is the stuff that a very powerful kind of happiness is made off!

People say that there is no such thing as a selfless act, or that there will always be something in it for the giver of “good”! But I wonder if this even matters? 

If we are all connected by an invisible thread, than just as we should all shoulder the burden of injustice, pain, inequality or discrimination, we should all support each other to play some sort of part in fighting this as well. 

Does it matter if we feel that there is the potential to grow personally, professionally or mentally if we decide to give of our time, money or skills? There is a line, and we need to explore the space before that line and come to understand the impact giving will have on us and the beneficiary.

Promoting happiness for others, and by extension yourself, should never be taken for granted! Its a pretty freakin deadly thing! 

Anytime I buy a cup of tea for a homeless person near my office, I feel good! When I make a monthly donation to a charity, I feel like I can tick of the values check list, “service to others".

I do many of these things because I truly value the very small (teeny tiny) role that I, as a human has to play. It makes me feel good! It forces me remember that the world is much bigger than that of my small network!

I feel happy when I help people. I feel like I honour my values, and I am being true to myself.

Every time I give, help or contribute I feel that much more connected to myself and others – that “I am involved in mankind”.

Will it make you happy?

No man is an island,Entire of itself,Every man is a piece of the continent,A part of the main.If a clod be washed away by the sea,Europe is the less.As well as if a promontory were.As well as if a manor of thy friend'sOr of thine own were:Any man's death diminishes me,Because I am involved in mankind,And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; It tolls for thee.  - John Dunne

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